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chimney check

  • Pipe Sewer Drain Inspection Camera

    Pipe Sewer Drain Inspection Camera

    Camera Control box Camera Size: ø23mmx141mm Sensor size: 1/4 inches Visual angle: 120° LED Light Adjustable Camera operating current: 100M; Camera Power: dc12v Camera led: 12PCS White LED totalpixels:pal:710x576; ntsc:720x480 Camera Glass Material: sapphire glass Camera shell material: stainless...
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  • 128GB Solid State Hard Drive Inspection Video
  • Waterproof/anti-pressure Pipeline Video Detector

    Waterproof/anti-pressure Pipeline Video Detector

    An introduction to the function of the HM1088 pipeline endoscope in the video recorder system HM1088 can be recorded feature pipe camera with 16mm waterproof/anti-pressure snake tube use more reliable and safe 16mm Miniature Pipe endoscope The product is widely used in piping, drainage, sewer, chimney,...
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  • HD Pipe Camera With DVR Recording Function

    HD Pipe Camera With DVR Recording Function

    Brand: Wopson Name: HD pipe camera, pipe endoscope, industrial endoscope Model: wps10bdvr-100m Products are widely used in pipe cameras, pipe endoscope, pipe dredge machine, pipe inspection cameras, pipe tools. 1. Portable High-grade waterproof shockproof box packaging to protect the entire...
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  • Pipeline Detection Camera And Video Interpretation Report

    Pipeline Detection Camera And Video Interpretation Report

    The pipeline periscope is used for fast video detection, and the interpretation and analysis can be combined with the "Pipesight Pipeline detection and video Interpretation report Software", which can generate test reports and intuitive electronic maps that meet various evaluation criteria. Pipe Periscope Technical...
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  • 360 Degree Rotary Industrial Endoscope

    360 Degree Rotary Industrial Endoscope

    360 degree rotary Industrial endoscope product Features: Industrial electronic endoscope products with probes, LCD integrated design, battery and storage and other functions and components are integrated in the handheld control mainframe, no other parts drag, the whole weight is light. The rotary electronic...
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