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Wopson pipe camera

  • 23MM*120MM Camera With 12 LED Lights adjustable

    23MM*120MM Camera With 12 LED Lights adjustable

    MODEL NO.WPS710C SUPPORT CUSTOM-MADE, accessaries changeable. Product features: 23mm diameter size. 12 pcs Leds Waterproof sapphire lens. Stainless steel housing. Specification Camera 1 Camera size: Φ23 X 120mm   2 Camara power supply: DC 3.3V 3...
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  • Endoscope Pipe Camera With Count Function

    Endoscope Pipe Camera With Count Function

    Endoscope pipe camera wps-1512dsk, diameter 5CM, with light source, pipe camera can be in the dark and narrow pipeline inside the investigation, detection, Pipe camera Whole use toolbox packaging, easy to carry, high-definition CCD camera, with night vision function, optional with built-in acquisition card function....
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  • Full-featured Industrial Video Camera

    Full-featured Industrial Video Camera

    For fast video diagnosis of internal corrosion, crack, blockage or collapse of pipe diameter 5mm-800mm pipeline. The device can also provide 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 18mm, 24mm, 47mm and other different diameters and functions of the detection lens. Detection line from 1.5 meters to 120 meters, can meet all types of...
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  • 360 Rotation Industrial Pipe Camera

    360 Rotation Industrial Pipe Camera

    WPS Series 360 Industrial Pipe endoscope, the outside diameter of the lens is divided into 6/16/23/29/40mm, which can be used to form interchange. Rotating lens outside the outer diameter of 50 mm, with waterproof function, the lens can be 180° flip, and can be axial 360° rotation, highlight led for the dark...
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  • Micro-reel Design Pipe Camera

    Micro-reel Design Pipe Camera

    I. Product and Application overview P-Putt endoscope is a new type of rod-type pipe internal image detection equipment, the product uses industrial-grade high-resolution color camera system and portable intelligent control image recording processing terminals, equipped with high-strength, flexible putter, in...
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  • HD Industrial Optical Fiber Camera

    HD Industrial Optical Fiber Camera

    Working principle Industrial optical fiber endoscope principle, superior optical fiber resolution and large field angle design, to help users get bigger, clearer and brighter images, each connected fiber bundle is made from the most precise manufacturing, the thinnest, the best quality glass fiber combined into the...
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