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pipe receiver

  • Multi-function Telescope Inspection Camera

    Multi-function Telescope Inspection Camera

    1 function Brief Our independent research and development of WPS-4LG-type multi-function security screening mirror, mainly applicable to the inspection staff directly difficult to see the site. such as: Car bottom, shaft, underground, roof, lamp pool, ceiling, chandeliers and so on. By adjusting the mirror...
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  • Pipe Inspection Camera For Drilling

    Pipe Inspection Camera For Drilling

    Model: WPS-15RXDSK-PT Acceptable Customer Order Category: Pipe endoscope, pipe detector, pipe detector, water pipe detector Trademark: huaming Display cartoon box size: 420*195*335mm Gross Weight: 16.7kgs/pc Wire Wheel Cartoon Box size: 580*680*670mm (500 m) Gross weight: 108.2kgs/pc...
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  • Blocked Drains Inspection Camera

    Blocked Drains Inspection Camera

    Endoscope pipe camera wps-914dnc-c40, 5CM diameter, with light source, pipe camera can be in the dark and narrow pipe internal reconnaissance, detection, pipe camera overall use of aluminum box packaging, easy to carry, high-definition CCD camera, with night vision function, optional with built-in capture card...
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  • 360 Rotary Pipe Detector

    360 Rotary Pipe Detector

    Product parameters Organizer Name: Wopson Device Name: Rotary pipe Detector Equipment Model: WPS-1512DSKC-PT Waterproof level: IP68 Accessory parameters Camera Camera Size: ø43mmx86mm Sensor size: $number inch CCD Visual angle: 90°; Waterproof Grade: IP68 LED light...
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  • Underwater Camera With Double Force Bar

    Underwater Camera With Double Force Bar

    The principle of the camera is basically: The scene through the lens (LENS) generated optical images projected to the image sensor surface, and then converted to electrical signals, after the conversion of analog digital image signal, and then sent to the digital signal processing chip processing, and then through...
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  • Tensile Strength Of The Special Cable Visual Fishing Camera

    Tensile Strength Of The Special Cable Visual Fishing Camera

    Product Brand: Wopson Product model: wps-7fd-c74; Product Name: visual fishing device; Product Specification: 30 rice noodle length; 2017 new underwater visual HD fishing device, using high-definition 1200-line high-quality movement imaging clearer, small size, light weight, convenient to go out and...
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