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  • HD Industrial Optical Fiber Camera

HD Industrial Optical Fiber Camera

Product Name HD Industrial Optical Fiber Camera
Mini Order 1 set
FOB Price
Paymnet T/T, Paypal, WestUnion
Supply Ability 500 sets / month
Dilivery Time Depend on quantity
Package Carton package

Product Description

Working principle

Industrial optical fiber endoscope principle, superior optical fiber resolution and large field angle design, to help users get bigger, clearer and brighter images, each connected fiber bundle is made from the most precise manufacturing, the thinnest, the best quality glass fiber combined into the image transmission fiber, even in the image of the fiber I go, can also restore a perfect , complete, clear image. Industrial fiber endoscope is designed with ergonomic principles. Such a design can make the author very easy to use, comfortable grip, fingers can easily control the head button of the endoscope, unparalleled swing can be continuous, fluent in the 360-degree scanning operation of the site. The positioning of the endoscope locking device on any position reduces the fatigue of the inspectors and the strain of the instrument. With foreign body clamp design, can easily crawl inside the workpiece cavity body. It can also be equipped with a TV display system. In addition to the screen can be observed, but also connected to the computer images of photos, video, editing storage functions. At the same time to meet the different needs of customers, special development of economic fiber optic endoscope for users to choose.

Product Technical Specifications

Excellent optical systems  

High-resolution, wide-angle, bright and clear screen, so that users get the greatest satisfaction, so that the accuracy of observation and judgment greatly improved.  

Lightweight operability  

Bending angle operation, feel lightweight, elastic bending part, so that users do not feel tired in operation.  

User-dependent reliability  

The bending angle is designed with long life, so that the durability of the machine can be greatly improved.  

Handy insert following sex  

From the beginning of the previous paragraph from soft to hard to change the insertion tube, so that the user in the insertion and rotation can be applied freely.  

Good penetration   Durability

With impervious, waterproof and oil-resistant, weak acid, weak alkali structure, improve the durability of the harsh environment.

Technical parameters


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