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Pipe Sewer Drain inspection camera Handheld series

  • High-resolution Pipe Inspection Camera

High-resolution Pipe Inspection Camera

Product Name High-resolution Pipe Inspection Camera
Mini Order 1 set
FOB Price
Paymnet T/T, Paypal, WestUnion
Supply Ability 500 sets / month
Dilivery Time Depend on quantity
Package Carton package

Product Description

11- detective camera.jpg

1, the 25mm/28mm aperture lens can easily wear into the need to observe the pipeline to see the high-resolution image of 640x480;

2, has 12 high brightness white light LED lamp source, may you want to observe the goal detailed illuminate;

3, anti-scraping oil-resistant glass flat film not only protect the camera, and reduce the image loss, so that imaging more clear, lifelike;

4, the optimized light source design makes the light source to play the best effect and can play a good reflection effect;

5, excellent separable design can be quickly equipped with 3m, 10m, 25mCMOS sensor line or other different functions of the CMOS sensor line;

6, up to 2500 ma battery capacity to make the work life more assured.

12- push rod camera.jpg

1. Host:

Power dc5v

Display 7 "TFT-LCD screen ($number pixels)

Image Compression Format MPEG4

Image Storage Format JPEG ($number)

Video recording Format ASF ($number)

Frame Frequency 30fps

/ratio 42dB

Battery rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery (3.7V)

Charger Voltage 100-240V AC in/5v DC out

Video output Format Ntsc&pal

Interface Mini Usb1.1/av out

Storage media SD card (maximum support 16G)

Language multiple languages (default English + Simplified Chinese)

Main weight 0.35kg

14- security camera.jpg

2. Lens:

Lens 25mm Wide angle lens 28mm angle

photosensitive element 1/4 Optical CMOS photosensitive element 1/4

Resolution (Dynamic/Static) $number (h)) (v)/640 (h) *480 (v) $number (h)) (v)/640 (h) *480 (v)

Exposure control automatic Automatic

Automatic white balance automatic automatic

Video output format NTSC NTSC

/ratio 42dB 42dB

Distortion rate of 3.7% 3.7%

LENS Shell copper (nickel-plated) copper (nickel-plated)

Field angle (FOV) 73°107°

Depth of field (DOF) 5cm~60cm 5cm~60cm

13- air duct camera.jpg

3. Probe Tube:

PVC Flexible hose with external material

Length 300cm-3000cm

Insertion Tube Diameter 25mm/28mm

4. Light Source:

Lens type 25mm 28mm

LED number 12 8 (φ3) +4 (φ5)

LED Type 3mmLED 3mm+5mmled

LED Life 1000 hours (medium lighting) 1000 hours (medium level lighting)

Light source Control manual knob control Manual Knob Control

Illumination 15mm Distance: 5000Lux (Lux) 20.6mm Distance: 5400~7000lux (LUX)

5. Operating Environment:

Lens operating Temperature -20°to 60°c (32°to 122°f)

Storage temperature -20°to 70°c (14°to 158°f)

Relative humidity 95% Max

Waterproof coefficient IP57 (limited lens part and wire)

Pollution damage

15- tracking camera.jpg

6. Configuration parameters

M Host A

CMOS sensor line

SD Card (2G)

Charger A

Video Cable One root

USB cable (1.8m) one root

Use a copy of the manual

7. Matching model

hm-25300:25mm (caliber) x 300cm (length) x 30w (pixel)

hm-251000:25mm (caliber) x 1000cm (length) x 30w (pixel)

hm-252500:25mm (caliber) x 2500cm (length) x 30w (pixel)

hm-28300:28mm (caliber) x 300cm (length) x 30w (pixel)

hm-281000:28mm (caliber) x 1000cm (length) x 30w (pixel)

hm-282500:28mm (caliber) x 2500cm (length) x 30w (pixel)

As long as the special needs can be done to 30m.

21- tube camera.jpg

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