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  • Optical Focusing Function Pipe Inspection Camera

Optical Focusing Function Pipe Inspection Camera

Product Name Optical Focusing Function Pipe Inspection Camera
Mini Order 1 set
FOB Price
Paymnet T/T, Paypal, WestUnion
Supply Ability 500 sets / month
Dilivery Time Depend on quantity
Package Carton package

Product Description

I. Technical advantages

GT21D Series Industrial endoscope is a nine-Thai technology with independent intellectual property rights, set light, machine, electricity and other High-tech in one of the industrial video detection equipment, the detection instrument by the wide-angle focus lens, intelligent controller, Elastic GFRP telescopic line, such as the composition. The specific technical advantages are as follows:

1. Wide range of testing: to adapt to 23-200mm pipeline and containers, such as testing projects, the use of different diameters, functions of the lens to make the detection process easy, and particularly suitable for airtight pipelines, chemical pipelines, water wall, containers, air separation pipeline video detection.

2. Long detection distance: The configuration of 25 meters of detection line, in the case of only one hand hole, the detection range can be covered all, so that the operator in the detection after the completion of a large number of pipeline welding, recovery.

3. Because of the use of LED cooling light source lighting program, maintenance costs are very low, light source life of up to 10,000 hours.

4. GT21D series of products are all using electronic technology, testing line strong and durable, less fault points.

5. If the equipment fails, the supplier can provide the standby machine in time, so as not to affect the normal duration of use.

II. Product Features

1. GT21 micro-color lens, optical focusing function, so that the detection more detailed and precise (patented)

2. AC and DC power supply, with high-performance lithium batteries, the site without the use of alternating current, can be detected at any time

3.3.5 inch controller and line disk, easy to use and carry

4. Video, photo can be set arbitrarily, easy to use

5 Waterproof design, IP68 20m waterproof

6. Lightweight products, easy to use and easy to carry

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