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Pipe Sewer Drain inspection camera Handheld series

  • Pole Mounted Inspection Camera

Pole Mounted Inspection Camera

Product Name Pole Mounted Inspection Camera
Mini Order 1 set
FOB Price
Paymnet T/T, Paypal, WestUnion
Supply Ability 500 sets / month
Dilivery Time Depend on quantity
Package Carton package

Product Description

1. Product Description

The WPS type endoscope (hereinafter referred to as endoscope) is one of the photoelectric instruments (equipment) produced by our company, is a set of optical, electronic technology, precision machinery, micro-camera technology in one of the new nondestructive testing equipment, is designed for the human eye can not be observed in the toxic, harmful, nuclear radiation and small space and other places to observe the carefully designed. The product uses the miniature CCD camera, when the video signal is amplified and displayed on the monitor, it can conveniently and quickly check the interior of various machines, equipments and assembled objects, and can carry out effective quality management without disassembling or destroying the workpiece, and can be widely used in various fields, such as research, development and manufacturing. The head end of the instrument can be bent in four directions, with: High resolution, image clarity, vivid color, portability and other advantages, but also has excellent optical system, reasonable operating system, can be curved top, waterproof and anti-corrosion inserts, image transmission function, lightweight and portable performance characteristics. Image processing module can be photographed, recorded images, and can be replayed, and computer connection, the image can be printed, edited and other processing. Therefore, products are widely used in automobiles, industrial machinery, electronics, Petrochemical, aviation, shipbuilding, construction, gas pipelines, steel smelting, electric power, boilers, pressure vessels, water pipelines, public security, customs, earthquake relief, archaeology, education research and many other fields.

2. Main specification parameter


WPS Endoscope

Insert Part

Length of work



Φ6, 23/28mm

Market Corner

≥ 90 degrees


Optical fixed Coke


Ultra-long depth of field, multilayer glass metal plating


Dual lens, resolution ≥ 500,000 pixels, automatic tracking, electronic shutter, automatic exposure, automatic white balance.

Best working distance


Depth of field



Look/Look sideways

Casing Design

High strength abrasion resistant polyurethane coating hose

Horizontal degree of solution image

≥720 Line

The bending range of a peep head

≥ 90 degrees

Peep Head Bending Direction

Up and down around four direction rotation swing, 360 degrees without blind area

Control system

Control handle


Direction wheel

Manual manipulation

Image display

and light Source One

Body Chemical (Portable design)

Image display

9-inch Ultra Bright HD LCD screen, full screen display, to meet different angle observation

Image processing

Industrial endoscope Special Image Processing module, the image of real-time recording, storage, playback, photographing, setting time. Mini TF card, memory 16G, maximum support 32G.

Rated voltage of light source


Storage format

JPEG ($number)

Recording format

ASF ($number)


manual control, brightness continuous adjustable,


Less than 4.3W

Lighting mode

Imported high brightness new LED

LED strength

Greater than 2900 lumens


Host battery for lithium, rechargeable, single section use for more than 4 hours of continuous work.




DC, can meet the field without power supply working environment

Working environment


-20---80 degree



Corrosion resistance

Allowed to adhere to oil, 5% acid, alkali, finish the work in time clean


Chinese, English and multiple language choices

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