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Underwater camera deep well camera

  • Professional High-definition Industrial Endoscope

Professional High-definition Industrial Endoscope

Product Name Professional High-definition Industrial Endoscope
Mini Order 1 set
FOB Price
Paymnet T/T, Paypal, WestUnion
Supply Ability 500 sets / month
Dilivery Time Depend on quantity
Package Carton package

Product Description

13- air duct camera.jpg

Basic parameters

Processing customization:




Probe Diameter:

Diameter 50mm, length 120mm (mm)

Test field angle:

360 degree rotation lens, visible no dead angle (°)

Waterproof Grade:

IP68 Lens Sapphire Mirror Rugged

Working length:

60/90/120 Meter Super long line cable optional, wheel-type rack (mm)


320,000 pixels


15-inch Digital screen

Lighting Mode:

18 Bright LED





Detailed description

15-inch digital screen, burning function, 120-meter cable, photoelectric meter, 360-degree rotating lens

Product application: Municipal pipelines, petrochemical, tank, shipbuilding, locomotive, engineering, machine casting and other industries inspection and maintenance, ventilation pipelines, water tanks, exhaust vents, pipelines, chimneys, wells, ventilation wells, civil engineering, electrical installation and other industries inspection and repair, public security and Customs earthquake relief, the search for sudden events, Explosion-proof inspection and so on.

10 years of dedicated pipeline detection

60/90/120 Meter Super long line cable optional, wheel-type rack, easy to carry

Diameter 50mm, 360 degrees rotation lens, no dead end

Mechanical photoelectric count directly displayed on the screen accurate positioning

One-shot video audio input language annotation

LENS Sapphire Mirror Rugged IP68 protection grade

WPS-15RXDSK-PT Professional high-definition industrial endoscope

Wire Rack:

Glass fiber cable, wire diameter 9mm, line length 60 m/90 m/120 m (optional)

Stainless steel structure, double wheeled, easy to carry

Monitor interface

Mechanical, photoelectric counter (optional)

Size: 740x850x360 mm (width x Height x thickness)

Weight: 05kg


DC 12 kv/4500 Ma lithium battery, continuous working time of more than 4 hours

Wide range AC charging (ac90-260v, Hz), LED lamp charging instructions

Battery power display, prompt battery capacity

Fuse protection


1/3 Sony CCD image transmission, 320,000 pixels

Axial rotation 360 degrees, horizontal rotation 180 degrees, visual no dead End

Lens diameter 50mm, length 120mm

18 Bright LED


ABS Engineering Plastics (Yellow/green/black optional)

Box size: Wuyi. 1x43x18cm


LCD screen Size: 10 inches

Resolution: 800x600 (4:3)

USB/TF Video Recording function

Using Power: DC 12 kv/1000mA (max)

Operating temperature range: 0℃~ 60 ℃

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