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Pipe Sewer Drain inspection camera Handheld series

  • Putt-type Pipe Endoscope Camera

Putt-type Pipe Endoscope Camera

Product Name Putt-type Pipe Endoscope Camera
Mini Order 1 set
FOB Price
Paymnet T/T, Paypal, WestUnion
Supply Ability 500 sets / month
Dilivery Time Depend on quantity
Package Carton package

Product Description

Product Overview:

The Putt-type pipe endoscope camera is suitable for surveying and testing the interior, small commercial place, special factory and municipal engineering pipeline, including the slender, narrow and curved transition pipe which other testing instruments cannot enter. It is simple in operation, powerful in function and wide in application.

The Putt-type pipe endoscope camera consists of an integrated master controller, a flexible push rod cable tray, and a high-precision and durable camera, which uses a flexible push rod cable to push the inside of its front-end camera into the pipeline to preview and record the internal image of the pipeline, thus achieving the purpose of detection.

Using the Putt-type pipe endoscope camera to carry out rapid video inspection, acceptance and evaluation of the drainage pipe or pipe network, and combining the "Pipesight Pipeline video Interpretation report software" to interpret and analyze the detection video, and generate the detection report and the intuitive electronic map which meet various evaluation criteria.

Technical parameter: The component name is marked with ※ Standard configuration component

Component Name


Technical parameters and instructions

※ Controller

1 sets

1. Chassis: Integration chassis, integrated display storage unit, battery;

2. Display: 7.0 "Display, resolution 480*3 (RGB) *234, English screen display;

3. Storage: 16GB SD card, AVI format;

4. Playback: Can browse, playback video files or pictures;

5. Battery: Built-in 12V rechargeable lithium battery, capacity of 4500mAh, continuous work long ≥ 6 hours, to provide electricity instructions. The 220V AC adapter is configured for direct power supply or charging;

6. Interface: Video input, output, power, cable interface;

7. Image flip: Support Image up and down, flip around, support mirroring function;

8. Size: 450mm*320mm*180mm;

9. Weight: About 7.5kg.

※ Probe


1. The applicable pipe diameter: 30mm~200mm;

2. Cable length: Standard 20 meters, the longest up to 50 meters;

3. Image sensor: 1/4 "color sharp CCD;"

4. Resolution: 420 lines (camera);

5. Minimum illumination: 0Lux (highlight white light);

6. Lighting: 8 White LED lights about 60lm;

7. Rated Current: 70mA (infrared light/white light when opening, maximum current 300mA);

8. Lens: Standard 3.6mm 92 degrees (optional), visual distance: 0.5~3 m, diameter: φ30mm;

9. Signal-to-noise Ratio: ≥48db;

10. Waterproof Standard: IP68;

11. Working temperature: Working temperature: -10℃~60℃;


Pipeline inspection

Video interpretation

Reporting Software

1 sets

The detection of video files to play preview, add detection information, the interception of defective images, interpretation description, etc.

The interpretation result data can be automatically made into an illustrated inspection report (including project information, engineering survey, defect distribution sketch, inspection equipment introduction, workflow diagram, defect statistic Chart, detail defect chart, etc.);

The Shapefile interface data of the GIS platform can be derived, and the electronic map lookup function is provided, the location of the job point is marked in the electronic map, the corresponding detection data, the interpretation information, the defect picture and the detection video are viewed.

The defect distribution map can be exported as a Web page format for data reporting, reading


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