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Common pipe cleaning method


The choice of pipeline cleaning method should be determined according to the type of pipeline, the nature of dirt, the source of cleaning materials, construction environment and public engineering conditions. This includes physical and chemical cleaning techniques as well as PIG industry pigging techniques.

1.Physical cleaning technique

The technical principle of pipeline physical cleaning is to use physical force such as heat, ultrasonic wave, pressure and electrolytic force on the inner wall of the pipeline so that dirt can be separated from the wall, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. At present, the commonly used physical cleaning methods of pipelines mainly include: liquid flushing, steam blowing, gas blowing, sand blasting, shot blasting treatment, mechanical cleaning, and the widely used physical cleaning methods include: high-pressure jet cleaning technology, bead blowing and ball blowing.

2. Chemical cleaning technique

Chemical cleaning of pipeline is to clean the dirt in the pipeline by chemical cleaning agent, corrosion inhibitor chemical combination, REDOX, complexation and other chemical reactions. Of course, the cleaning process will also use other auxiliary washing forces, so that the pipeline cleaning to the best effect.

3. PIG industry pigging technology

PIG industry pigging technology is widely used in various pipelines, oil and gas pipelines, and so on. Use the power generated by the pump to push the fluid, drive the pig to push forward inside the pipe, and discharge the dirt deposited in the pipe outside the pipe, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

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