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Comprehensive use of pipeline inspection technology


In order to overcome the limitations of the single detection technology, the detection of coating defects by combining several detection methods can make up for the deficiencies of various technologies.

For pipes with cathodic protection, refer to the (P/S) test value in the daily management record, and then use the CIPS technology to measure the pipe ground potential of the pipeline. The measured power-off potential can determine the effect of the cathodic protection system.

After judging that the coating may be defective, DCVG technology is used to determine the cathode and anode characteristics of each defect. Finally, DCVG is used to determine the defect center position, and the measured IR current drop caused by the leakage current flowing through the soil determines the size and severity of the defect. Sex, as a basis for choosing repairs.

For pipes that are not protected by cathodic protection, the PCM test technique can be used to determine the pipe segment with a serious loss of current signal, and then the PCM "A" frame or Pearson detection technology can be used to accurately locate the damage point of the coating to determine the damage of the coating. .

PCM test technology can also be used for pipes with cathodic protection, which is slightly less accurate than DCVG technology.

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