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Introduction of in-pipe inspection technology


In-pipe inspection technology is to add various non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment to the island pig (PIG), and to change the non-intelligent used for cleaning to intelligent pipeline defect detection with information acquisition, processing, storage and other functions. (SMART PIG), through the movement of the pig in the pipeline, to achieve the purpose of detecting pipeline defects. As early as 1965, Tuboscopc Company of the United States has successfully applied the leakage flux (MFL) non-destructive testing (NDT) technology to the internal detection of long-distance oil and gas pipelines, and other non-destructive internal detection technologies have been successively produced. Discover its broad application prospects.
At present, the more famous monitoring companies in foreign countries are Tuboscopc GE PII in the United States, British Gas in the United Kingdom, Pipetronix in Germany, and Corrpro in Canada, and their products have basically reached serialization and diversification. The internal detector can be divided into a caliper for detecting geometric deformation of a pipe, a leak detector for a pipeline, a leakage flux detector for detecting a volume defect caused by corrosion, and a crack type flat type. An eddy current detector for defect detection, an ultrasonic detector, and a crack detecting device based on an elastic shear wave.

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