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  • 15-inch High-definition Display Inspection Camera

15-inch High-definition Display Inspection Camera

Product Name 15-inch High-definition Display Inspection Camera
Mini Order 1 set
FOB Price
Paymnet T/T, Paypal, WestUnion
Supply Ability 500 sets / month
Dilivery Time Depend on quantity
Package Carton package

Product Description

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The WPS-10KD electronic endoscope is used to inspect the small entrance, and to detect the damage condition of the long industrial pipeline, the internal space of container and other concealed space inside, corrode, weld, and jam, Application inspection field: Boiler water wall pipe, power station, nuclear power plant, petrochemical enterprise heat exchanger, high pressure furnace tube, Heat exchanger pipeline production enterprises, etc.

Lens outside the 28mm, detection length of 30 meters (longer can be customized), delivery distance far. The endoscope lens part uses the high-resolution 1/6-inch CCD imaging, 440,000 pixels, the angle of view is big, the depth of field is good, can autofocus automatically, the system provides the sufficient illumination with the bright LED light source;

15-inch High-definition liquid crystal display, rendering the image color real and bright. With video and photo features, and can be stored, standard 32G SD memory card.

Testing line for GFRP material outer sheath, wear-resistant, waterproof, oil-proof, acid and alkali corrosion.

The use of AC-DC power supply mode, with rechargeable lithium battery can work continuously for 5 hours, convenient at the scene without AC power. Portability is good, the entire instrument placed in a device box, transportation is convenient to carry.

WPS-10KD Electronic endoscope Parameters

Lens diameter


Lens pixel

440,000 active pixels


1/6-inch CCD, 1.5LUX

Lighting mode

Highlight LED light source (longer life and lower maintenance cost than other optical fiber conductive light sources)

Detection line length

30 meters

Lens bending Angle

Look straight at the lens, not bend

Lens view

Zero-angle, suitable for macro detection of foreign body, cleanliness, corrosion, weld, etc.

Lens perspective


Inspection line Material

Using hard GFRP Materials

Lens Waterproof Standard

IP68 Waterproof Standard

Host screen

15-inch LCD resolution $number x 480

Mainframe power supply mode

AC/DC Hybrid power supply mode. Built-in battery in the case of full power can work continuously for 5-6 hours, the general domestic equipment on-site need external power supply, de products on-site versatility, more suitable for complex environmental use.

Host record photo function

Photo, video and various control buttons are integrated into the mainframe control panel and can be easily manipulated by one hand. Standard 32G SD memory card, through the reader and computer connection, video data processing, printing, burning and so on. Other devices generally do not have a one-shot function, the need for external equipment, operation is very complex.

Main Features

Easy to carry operation, high clarity, large lens detection range, one camera video function is powerful, suitable for a variety of environmental use, cost-effective high maintenance costs low.

Standard configuration

Portable monitor and controller, with 15-inch portable LCD display;

GFRP Abrasion resistance Test line 30 meters;

28 mm wide-angle lens head;

Host power adapter;

Use manual;

ABS Material instrument storage and transportation box;

32G capacity SD memory card.

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