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Pipeline inspection camera Pan tilt camera series

  • Pipeline Detection Camera And Video Interpretation Report

Pipeline Detection Camera And Video Interpretation Report

Product Name Pipeline Detection Camera And Video Interpretation Report
Mini Order 1 set
FOB Price
Paymnet T/T, Paypal, WestUnion
Supply Ability 500 sets / month
Dilivery Time Depend on quantity
Package Carton package

Product Description

The pipeline periscope is used for fast video detection, and the interpretation and analysis can be combined with the "Pipesight Pipeline detection and video Interpretation report Software", which can generate test reports and intuitive electronic maps that meet various evaluation criteria.

Pipe Periscope Technical Parameters: component name with ※ Mark as standard configuration component

Component Name


Technical parameters and instructions

※ Main Controller

1 sets

1. Chassis: industrial-grade integrated chassis, integrated display storage unit, equipped with ergonomic strap;

2. Display: 7.0 "high brightness wide viewing angle display, Chinese and English interface optional;"

3. Storage: 32GB SD card, MPEG4 coding format;

4. Grasping the picture: can quickly crawl, save the defect image;

5. Playback: Can browse, playback video files or pictures;

6. Keyboard: Can input the text information through the keyboard, overlay displays and saves in the video picture;

7. Control: Focusing, zoom, lighting;

8. Battery: Built-in. 2V rechargeable lithium battery, capacity of 13000mAh, continuous working time ≥ 8 hours, to provide electricity instructions. The 220V AC adapter is configured for direct power supply or charging;

9. Explosion-proof: Through explosion-proof certification;

10. Interface: Video output, power supply, cable interface;

11. Size: 275mm*215mm*100mm;

12. Weight: About 2.5kg.

Camera Probes


1. Pipe Periscope applicable environment: urban rainwater, sewage, confluence pipeline and urban water supply, industrial waste water and other pipelines;

2. The applicable pipe diameter: 100mm~2000mm;

3. Working temperature: Working temperature: -20℃~50℃;

4. Lighting: 2 Bright LED lights, 13000CD, linear pipeline detection length ≤60m, the use of concentrated, floodlight double reflection type, warranty of 50,000 hours, another can carry auxiliary lighting source;

5. Image sensor: Color $number "CCD";

6. Image resolution: PAL format, 795 (H) X596 (V), ≥ 460,000 pixels, line number 560HTVL;

7. Camera perspective: Level 57.8 degrees (wide angle) 1.7 degrees (hyperopia);

8. Zoom Focus: 432:1 (36:1 optics, 12:1 digits), automatic or manual focusing;

9. Sensitivity (minimum illuminance): 0.1LX;

10. Waterproof Standard: IP68.

11. Weight: About 2kg.

※ Standard

Control lever

1 sets

1. Carbon fiber material (compression resistance is 10 times times of ordinary steel);

2. Nested telescopic design, cable inside the design, strong fixed joints, all stretches after the total length of 7m;

3. The extension rod quick connection design, may lengthen to 40M.

※ Support Rod

1 sets

Lightweight material, length 0.8m;

2. Integrated probe height micro-adjustable elastic device with rubber buffer ball;

3. Unique disassembly design, can be loaded directly into the rod package.

※ Armored

Cable Line

1 root

Protection: Reinforced multi-core cable, with metal telescopic sheath;

Length: The standard length is 10 meters, can be customized lengthened.

※ Engineering



1. Strength: high-strength integration box for engineering;

2. Portable: With rod and wheels, light and easy to carry;

3. Weight: Contains standard camera probes, armored cable line 10M, integrated main controller (standard), engineering straps and tools, the total weight: a. 5kg;

4. Size: 510mm * 430mm *240mm.

※ Standard Rod Package


Weight: Rod package (with standard rod 1m * 4 section, extension pole 1m * 3 section, support rod), total: 3.5Kg;

Size: 1450mm * 200mm * 90mm, can be put into the sedan trunk;

Portable: Strap-type design, back, can be mentioned, portable portability.

Laser ranging


1 sets

The precision of ranging is ±0.5m;

Ranging range is 0.5m~60m;

Real-time high-speed measurement, ranging results displayed in the video screen.

Video Glasses

1 sets

Display pixel: full color 922,000 pixels;

Screen size: equivalent to 3 meters away 56 inches of screen;

Head-wearing design, adjustable brightness contrast, suitable for strong light operation, convenient for other hand operations,;

Working temperature: 0℃~45℃;

Weight: 200g.

Image Wireless

Transmission module

1 sets

Maximum transmission distance 200m (no shielding occlusion);

The carrier frequency is 2.4GHz.

Auxiliary light Source

1 sets

1. Illumination brightness: 600LM;

2. Irradiation distance: ≤0.3km;

3. Power supply Type: built-in. 6V, 2200mAh rechargeable battery, sustainable lighting ≈ 90 minutes;

4. Waterproof Grade: IP63 (rain shower);

5. Working temperature: -15℃~50℃;

6. Standard Weight: 0.74kg.


Pipeline inspection


Hand Book

1 sets

Pipepad GPS positioning of operating points;

The detection information can be collected in the field, and the GPRS network is uploaded to the server for classification and storage.

It can ensure the uniqueness of pipeline inspection results in four-dimensional space.


Pipeline inspection

Video interpretation

Reporting Software

1 sets

1. The detection of video files for playback preview, add detection information, the interception of defective images, interpretation description, etc.

2. The pipe periscope can automatically make the interpretation result data into an illustrated inspection report (including project information, engineering survey, defect distribution sketch, inspection equipment introduction, work flow diagram, defect statistic Chart, detail defect chart, etc.);

3. We can export the Shapefile interface data of GIS platform, provide the electronic map lookup function, mark the location of the job point in the electronic map, check the corresponding detection data, interpret information, defect picture and detection video.

4. The defect distribution map can be exported to Web page format for data reporting and reading.


Pipeline inspection

Information management


1 sets

1. It is mainly used for collecting, uploading, storing, analyzing and consulting all kinds of pipeline inspection data.

2. In addition, PIMS can also be used in the inspection works of the operators, testing equipment, engineering vehicles, task assignment, scheduling, supervision, performance evaluation and other management;

3. PIMs has the flexibility to expand the function, expands the development according to the demand, integrates the more business function.

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