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Pipe Sewer Drain inspection camera

  • Pipe Sewer Drain Inspection Camera

    Pipe Sewer Drain Inspection Camera

    Camera Control box Camera Size: ø23mmx141mm Sensor size: 1/4 inches Visual angle: 120° LED Light Adjustable Camera operating current: 100M; Camera Power: dc12v Camera led: 12PCS White LED totalpixels:pal:710x576; ntsc:720x480 Camera Glass Material: sapphire glass Camera shell material: stainless...
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  • 360 Rotary Pipe Detector

    360 Rotary Pipe Detector

    Product parameters Organizer Name: Wopson Device Name: Rotary pipe Detector Equipment Model: WPS-1512DSKC-PT Waterproof level: IP68 Accessory parameters Camera Camera Size: ø43mmx86mm Sensor size: $number inch CCD Visual angle: 90°; Waterproof Grade: IP68 LED light...
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  • High-resolution Pipe Inspection Camera

    High-resolution Pipe Inspection Camera

    1, the 25mm/28mm aperture lens can easily wear into the need to observe the pipeline to see the high-resolution image of 640x480; 2, has 12 high brightness white light LED lamp source, may you want to observe the goal detailed illuminate; 3, anti-scraping oil-resistant glass flat film not only protect the camera, and reduce the...
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  • Excellent Operating System Inspection Camera Parts

    Excellent Operating System Inspection Camera Parts

    Performance characteristics: Good video system: 1/10-inch HD CCD with small outside diameter, wide viewing angle, high-definition imaging ensures accurate observation. LCD display, large capacity storage, scalable. Videos can be photographed and stored. Can take night vision function. Excellent operating...
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  • Pole Mounted Inspection Camera

    Pole Mounted Inspection Camera

    1. Product Description The WPS type endoscope (hereinafter referred to as endoscope) is one of the photoelectric instruments (equipment) produced by our company, is a set of optical, electronic technology, precision machinery, micro-camera technology in one of the new nondestructive testing equipment, is designed...
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  • Putt-type Pipe Endoscope Camera

    Putt-type Pipe Endoscope Camera

    Product Overview: The Putt-type pipe endoscope camera is suitable for surveying and testing the interior, small commercial place, special factory and municipal engineering pipeline, including the slender, narrow and curved transition pipe which other testing instruments cannot enter. It is simple in...
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