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Pipe inspection camera Pipe inspection Detector

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pipe inspection camera

  • Hand-held HD Telescopic Inspection Camera

    Hand-held HD Telescopic Inspection Camera

    Organizer Name: Shenzhen Wopson Electronics Co., Ltd. Product parameters Camera Control Box Camera Size: ø23 mm * 120 mm Sensor size: 1/4 inches Visual angle: 120° LED Light Adjustable Camera operating current: 100 ma Camera Power: DC12 Camera Searchlight: 12PCS White LED Total pixels: pal:710x576;...
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  • Pipe Inspection Camera For Drilling

    Pipe Inspection Camera For Drilling

    Model: WPS-15RXDSK-PT Acceptable Customer Order Category: Pipe endoscope, pipe detector, pipe detector, water pipe detector Trademark: huaming Display cartoon box size: 420*195*335mm Gross Weight: 16.7kgs/pc Wire Wheel Cartoon Box size: 580*680*670mm (500 m) Gross weight: 108.2kgs/pc...
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  • Pipeline Inspection System With DVR Feature

    Pipeline Inspection System With DVR Feature

    Pipeline Inspection System  With DVR Feature With DVR Feature packed in waterproof & Pressure-resistant Safety Suitcase Application Possibility: Pipeline, Drain, Sewer, Duct, Chimneys, Machinery and Building Inspection; Maintenance of Plumbing and Wiring...
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  • Large Pipe 30 Meters Long Pipe Camera

    Large Pipe 30 Meters Long Pipe Camera

    1, 23mm/28mm aperture lens can easily through the need to observe the pipeline to see 640x480 high-resolution images; 2, has 12 high brightness white light LED lamp source, may you want to observe the goal to illuminate thoroughly; 3, anti-scratch oil-proof glass flat film not only protects the camera, and...
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  • 128GB Solid State Hard Drive Inspection Video
  • Putt-type Pipe Inspection Camera

    Putt-type Pipe Inspection Camera

    Introduction Putt-type pipe endoscope camera can detect other devices can not enter the narrow curved space, with high-performance lithium battery power supply, a wide range of visibility and image clarity, cost-effective features. Scope of application Residential | Commercial Premises |...
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